Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the minimum requirements to get approved?

Customers typically must have a valid driver's license, at least $1000 in provable monthly income, and no other current open car loans. However, every situation is looked at uniquely so feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

I have been turned down at so many other places how can you approve me?

We set the financing criteria so we have a lot more flexibility in getting you approved then a typical lending bank. Bad Credit, No Credit, Repos, Bankruptcies, Fixed Income, we can help!

What does "Buy Here Pay Here" mean?

"Buy Here Pay Here" means that a dealership both sells vehicles and provides credit to customers so that they can pay for the vehicle. Instead of taking out an auto loan at a bank or outside creditor, the Buy Here Pay Here dealership provides the credit you need to make your purchase.

Why should I go to a Buy Here Pay Here dealership?

Shopping at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership can make it possible to buy a vehicle even if you have bad credit. Bad credit can prevent people from buying a car at many dealerships, even if the cause of the bad credit is years in the past. No matter what your credit score is, when you shop at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, you can avoid the hassle that comes with financing at a regular dealership. Instead of having to deal with multiple parties, you can focus all your attention on a single location.

Do I need a huge down payment?

No, we have down payments to fit every budget.

I have trouble proving my income, is that a problem?

We have a lot more flexibility in income verification. Call us and see what documents you can bring to replace a paystub.

Can I get approved with a prior bankruptcy?

Yes! This is the perfect program for people right out of a bankruptcy looking to purchase a vehicle!

Can I get approved with prior vehicle repossessions?

Yes! Prior repossessions make it super hard to get auto financing. At Jefferson Auto, we can help put that behind you with a good car loan!

Can I get approved if I have no credit established?

Yes! This is what we specialize in.

Can buying a Buy Here Pay Here vehicle help my credit?

It can! If you make your auto payments on time, it can go a long way towards rebuilding your credit score. If you have bad credit or no credit, you can change that at Jefferson Auto.

How does trading in my vehicle work at a dealership?

Trading in your vehicle at a dealership is a great way to save money when you want to get an upgrade. When you trade in a vehicle at a dealership, the dealership appraises your current vehicle to determine its value. After looking over the vehicle and taking into consideration its make, model, year, and condition, the appraiser gives you an estimate of its value. You can then trade in your current vehicle and get back its value as credit towards the purchase of another vehicle.

It all sounds great, but my friend says BHPH dealers sell junk cars?

That is a common misconception that buy here pay here dealers sell bad cars. On the contrary, because you make payments to us, we are EXTRA invested in making sure you drive off in a dependable vehicle. That is why we inspect all of our inventory to ensure your driving safety. Other dealerships that sell your loan off to a bank have far less of an investment in things like if your car breaks down or if your payments are out of your budget. They are much more likely to take you for a ride!

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