At Jefferson Auto, we know that the more you understand about the technology in your vehicle, the more enjoyment you'll get. If you've ever wondered exactly what an infotainment system is, we're here to help.

"Infotainment" is a hybrid term formed from "information" and "entertainment". That tells you what the system does — it provides information, such as GPS location, directions, and details about your vehicle. In addition, it gives you access to entertainment, usually through the radio or by streaming content right from your phone.

Every automaker has its own infotainment system. Some feature systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which mirror your smartphone apps on the infotainment touchscreen. Others broadcast a Wi-Fi signal through the vehicle and help you connect to services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Interested in a vehicle with a sophisticated infotainment system? Come to see us in Washington, PA, and we'll help you pick a few models to test drive.