Two Winter Driving Tips That Are Guaranteed To Come In Handy

Skillful winter driving comes with experience. There are, however, a few tips that all Washington locals can use to avoid disaster. At Jefferson Auto, we want to make sure that motorists know the best strategies for keeping themselves, their passengers, and their automobiles safe.

Use Inertia To Help You Get Up Hills

Pressing down hard on the gas at the bottom of a hill will only make your wheels spin. It is far more effective to build up your speed when approaching a hill so that the resulting inertia carries you up and over. Once you reach the crest, start decreasing your speeds so that you can descend in a slow and controlled fashion.

Slower Is Better

​You might be in a hurry to make it home safely but driving at moderate speeds is the best way to ensure that you actually reach your destination. When you need to accelerate or decelerate, do these things slowly as well. Giving the car too much gas or jamming on your brakes can cause your vehicle to skid or even spin. For more information on safe winter driving or to schedule a test drive, visit Jefferson Auto today.


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