What is That Green Liquid Underneath the Car?

If you recently moved your car and found a few drops of green liquid underneath it, you might be wondering what it is. Green liquid is typically coolant or antifreeze. However, now the manufacturers also make antifreeze other colors, too. If it is coolant, it will smell sweet, but never try to taste it.

Antifreeze leaking from the car can be caused by a failed radiator, which can be expensive to repair. It can also be as simple as a hose clamp that has come loose. Coolant can be leaking from anywhere underneath the car, and it does not always have to be near the radiator. Remember that you should never remove the radiator cap until after the car has had a chance to cool down.

If you are not certain about the cause of the problem, it is time to bring your vehicle in to Jefferson Auto in Washington, PA for a checkup soon.

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