Don't Get Stranded - Learn how to Change a Flat Tire

Although many drivers in Washington, PA get flat tires changed at a service center, there could be a time when you have to change a flat tire on your own. Be sure that you're prepared for a flat with these tips from Jefferson Auto.

You'll need to have certain equipment to change a flat tire properly, which includes a car jack, spare tire, and tools. If it's raining or dark, it can be challenging to change a flat tire. It can be helpful if you have an emergency warning indicator and a flashlight. If you can, try to do a practice run first.

If you're not aware of where your car jack and spare tire are located, check your owner's manual. Before you lift your vehicle, loosen the lug nuts. Once your vehicle is at least six inches off the ground, you can remove the lug nuts, tire, and wheel. When you're placing the spare tire, be sure that you tighten the lug nuts in the right sequence so that it will mount properly.

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