Even if your area of Washington, PA has an abundance of bike lanes, there are likely still several roads that you travel that aren't equipped with bike lanes. Specialized lanes or not, though, it's important for you as a motorist to safely share the road with bicyclists. Here are a few tips that we at Jefferson Auto think will help you in that effort.

One key point is to give bicyclists plenty of room when you're passing them. This ensures that you don't misjudge the distance between you and them and accidentally run into them. Additionally, you want to be sure and carefully check around your vehicle before making any turns to ensure no bicyclists (or anything else) are in your blind spots. There's plenty of road to go around as long as it's shared well.

Another great way to protect bicyclists is to purchase a vehicle that is equipped with a blind spot monitoring system. If this sounds like something that's right for you, stop by our dealership to check out your options and take a test drive.

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