Debadging Your Car is Simple and Looks Great

If you want to change things up when it comes to your vehicle, you should consider debadging. Debadging is the process of removing the plastic and metal logos and words that are attached to the exterior of your car. At Jefferson Auto, we want you to be able to take care of your vehicle even as you customize it, which is why we offer this simple debadging procedure.

First, it's important to note that this procedure only applies to badges that are attached using adhesive. With that in mind, begin by utilizing heat or adhesive remover to soften and loosen the adhesive. Once the badge can be wiggled easily, it's time for removal. Use something thin and strong, such as fishing line or a credit card to slide behind the badge and cut through the adhesive. With the badge gone, carefully wash off any remaining adhesive and then protect the newly exposed paint with a coat of wax.

While you're taking care of your vehicle, don't forget the parts that help it run. Stop by a trusted auto service center so you can help your vehicle continue to operate safely and efficiently.



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