It is a frightening moment when you realize that your car is skidding out of control on an icy road. Your immediate reaction may be to snatch the wheel or stomp on the breaks, but these can make the situation worse. Our dealership would like you to be prepared for driving during the winter season. So, here are tips to help you regain control of your vehicle if it slides.

Look Ahead

Don’t stare at where you think you are going to hit. Instead, look towards a space in the direction you want to go. Concentrate on that spot so you have a target to redirect your car to.

Don’t Stop

Fight your instinct to pound your brakes. Doing so too quickly may spur the wheels to a locked position and make the slide worse.


If your entire vehicle drifts off course, glance at your target and steer it back. If you can’t regain control, you can gently press the brakes. If only the rear slides left or right, relax the accelerator. Next, lightly turn the wheel to straighten your path.

Feel free to contact us for more information on driving safely on snowy and icy roads. Also, to browse our inventory of vehicles, schedule a test drive today.


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