Stay Calm During A Blowout

You'll usually realize that one of your tires has blown out after a loud noise from one side of your car. The noise from the tire could be so startling that you lose control and run off the side of the road, but if you maintain a firm grip on the wheel, then you can navigate your car to a safe location.

Don't panic when a tire blows out because you need to think about what to do in the car. Try to keep your steering wheel as straight as possible, especially if you're traveling in heavy traffic in Washington. This can keep your car from hitting others on the road.

Gently press on the gas pedal to maintain control of your car without slamming on the brakes. With the air coming from the tire, it can help to slow your car down on its own as long as you stay in control. Someone from Jefferson Auto can tow your car to the lot or send someone who can change the tire at your location.


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